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John Huston cunningly lets us enjoy Peachey and Danny'scompany, sharing their adventures and their aspirations before reminding us ofthe implications and potential seriousness of what they are doing.

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Ultimately, as a result of their self-confidence, daring,fate, and sheer luck, they achieve their aim of becoming Kings while claimingdivine authority. To Peachey and Danny this is merely part of their scam, butplaying on others' deeply-held religious convictions backfires on them astheir "subjects" discover their mortal nature and turn on them.

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The mythical King Arthur is known as the man who became a king by pulling a sword, Excalibur, from a stone.

We could not now bear that glory, it would overwhelm us,as a weak eye cannot behold the sun; but God will capacitate usfor glory; our souls shall be so heavenly, and perfected withholiness, that they may be able to enjoy the blessed vision ofGod.

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Just as Peachey and Danny were delighted to be accepted asKings, so the Kafiris were delighted to receive them as the vindication of theirlong-held faith. In a similar way society takes ordinary people and, not contentwith lauding their achievements, tries to deify them only to spurn them whenthey cannot live up to what is (unfairly) expected of them.

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The priest is an elderly and religious man, something we realise is well respected in Thebes as Oedipus who is king, speaks with the priest on an equal level....

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"The Man Who Would Be King" can be seen as ametaphor for the colonial system of the nineteenth century (with particularreference to the British Empire), and the imposition of one land's"authority" over a "foreign" land and its people.

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Thus Christ, John8:50, "I seek not mine own glory, but the glory of him thatsent me." A hypocrite has a crooked eye, for he looks moreto his own glory than God's.

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As he has with other books that gave their titles to his movies, Kubrick used the general setting and some of the elements of King's novel, while drastically altering other elements and ignoring much of it, to suit the needs of the multi-film oeuvre about mankind's inhumanity to man that he's been making at least since

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As manager Ullman says in the opening interview, after telling Jack of the horrible murders that took place earlier in the Overlook, "It's still hard for me to believe it actually happened here, but it did." The type of people who partied in the Overlook included, as Ullman tells Jack and Wendy, "four presidents, movie stars." And when the impressed Wendy asks, "Royalty?" Ullman replies simply, "All the best people." King's novel has nothing to do with any of these themes.