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MC5] symbol', will recall that shortly after the white panther with wings first appeared in print on the poster I designed for their appearance at the Straight Theatre in San Francisco in 1969, the MC5 with The White Panther Party; at a time when the Party was struggling to free its Chairman, John Sinclair, from the Michigan State Penal System and keep three other Central Committee Members under arrest warrant (including myself) from a similar fate."

Whether they're turning 1 or 15, many parents love to mark their children's milestone with a party.

Baruch wanted to do a photographic essay on the Panthers, and when the director of San Francisco’s De Young Museum told her his museum would show the works, Baruch made contact with Kathleen Cleaver, the party’s communications secretary and spokesperson.

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In Liliana Hoker’s “the stolen party”, Rosaura learns a valuable lesson about her social position.

As seen in the scripts of “Spanglish” and “The Stolen Party,” respect played an influential role of binding relationships between the characters of the story....

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I am reluctant to remove the picture of the hobo smoking the cigar as it is historically and culturally accurate for the time. You might notice too, that the hobo in question is a less than healthy individual, so it could be a chance to reiterate that ‘smoking is bad for you’.

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A lot of the story is about the preparations and the consequences of the garden party, it was organized by the daughters of the privileged Sheridan family.

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The first evidence we see which supports the claim that this is a story of class structure comes when Rosaura’s mother says to her, "I don’t like you going, it’s a rich people’s party" (Heker 1133).

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“One day a tall stranger appeared in the land, and he came with lawyers and he came with great ceremony, and through Vincent's fingers poured a handful of sand .” (source 5) These lyrics retell the historical event of Gough Whitlam symbolically...

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Pirkle Jones gave us a compassionate image that served the cause of African-American dignity and liberation, while Fairey gave us a stolen and regurgitated image stripped of all historical meaning and refashioned to serve only one purpose - the advancement of Fairey’s career.

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To some, Disraeli’s rhetoric and vision, if not his actions, are identified with the development of empire as a central theme of the Conservative party....