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In researching simply to find an individual to create a biography on you should first look to find an individual that is interesting to you as an author. The more you are interested in the individual the more apt you will be to recreate this individual's life in a manner which is engaging to the reader once your biography is complete. Be sure to look into not only the obviously important facts, but find out little side facts that may complement large portions of important information. For example if an individual graduated from Harvard is one thing, but if he or she graduated from Harvard and it took 10 years this provides a whole different way of looking at a simple fact of achieving a goal of a higher education. Your research will show you new potential ways to recreate the individual's life. Depending on the amount of information you have you may display your findings simply in chronological order of the individual's life, or you may choose to travel out of chronological order and explain events in a piecemeal fashion to back up logic or reasoning as to why other events occurred within the person's life.

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When writing the actual autobiography, you could use the thesis to explain that you are writing a biography on Person X, or you could change your direction and explain that your paper is on Topic Y, which was the life pursuit of Person X. The latter method would allow you to create an essay which points the reader to the fact that while the paper is about Person X, it is also about how they spent their life in pursuit of Topic Y, which may be a particular goal or feat.

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you could use the thesis to explain that you are writing a biography on Person X, ..

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To conclude, without much work you can create an interesting biography essay. You need to remember a few tricks and you are on your way to creating an engaging and interesting article that not only keeps your readers interested, but also presents the person you wrote about in a manner which evokes the attention of the reader. Using a clear thesis grab the reader's attention and let them know what it is they will be hearing about. By including facts which compliment main points of the person's life will keep the reader wanting to continue reading because the biography will engage the reader in a manner different than many purely factual biographies by providing insights which may often be overlooked. Good luck, and remember that no matter how factual a paper may be, unless it is interesting no one really cares what it is about.

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