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For your thesis statement ondivorce, you may not be looking to highlight any of the causes,but rather the effects of divorce. Here also, there are many aspectsthat you may find profitable to investigate. So now that you haveformed a general idea of the causes that contribute to divorce, it'stime to consider the consequences. A few are highlighted down below.

The changes and stress associated with divorce typically cause multiple problems for all children.

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The conflicts and disagreements that lead to divorce undoubtedly begin long

Effectson ChildrenWhile not all divorced couples have childrenfactored into the equation, most do. It is generally agreed thatchildren often feel the blow even harder than their parents. However,recent research has shown that such notions may actually beexaggerated. Now, conflict seems to be the most prominent factorfiguring in children's adjustment to their parents' divorce, insome cases even over residential custody. Endeavoring to provide asolution to these problems could be the focus of your thesisstatement.

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Lackof IntimacyThis one's a no-brainer: if intimacy isfalling short between two people who have vowed to part only atdeath, it quickly whips up the perfect recipe for divorce. Analyzingthe correlation between sexual and romantic intimacy, and how thisdiffers between men and women, can help you to form your thesisstatement on divorce.

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Given this startling figure, the assumption can be made that many children will experience some effects caused by the life-changing event called divorce.

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FinancialProblemsIf money was a problem when the couple wasmarried, it is likely to be an even more pressing issue following adivorce, at least for one of the parties involved. It's simple:where the burden of expenses was shared (at least to some extent)before, now it must be borne individually. While the expensesincrease twofold, the resources remain the same. You may dig intothese issues to form a thesis statement.