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The relative lack of public outrage as government and business lies are revealed is troubling, and may indicate how the American sense of what truth is has been profoundly shaped by our most pervasive educational medium, advertising. Actually it works two ways, advertising influences our relationship to government and government influences our view of advertising.

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We become more apt to notice the beliefs that keep us small, limited, stuck and realize they are old, false and no longer serve us. And with this clarity, it becomes easier to lean into more of our innate knowing of who we are and what resonates within us as Truth.

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is worse to lie to others or to oneself--to possess truth (and lie, ..

Becoming aware of our way of attuning to Truth is a very personal experience. I have many clients who get goose bumps or chills when they hear Truth. Their body reacts to the energy with an immediate physical indicator.

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Belief divides and makes people empty: Beliefs are not based on reality, so they can be and are different, and this can be and is used to cause conflict. They prevent people from seeing the truth and being fulfilled, so it makes people empty and unhappy, and then it gives them an enemy to blame all their unhappiness on. This was the cause of most of the wars of the past.

Faith and belief in the truth and the life is only necessary until you know it.

Jesus said he will destroy the devil with the sword of truth.

The truth unifies and fulfills: The truth does the opposite of what belief does. The truth will destroy the devil/mind, because it is the same for everyone, so it unites people. It also fulfills them, so they are happy with what they have. This is why the truth will make the world a heaven.

The wonderful thing is that the truth is in religious books just under the surface. They all have a part of the ultimate truth hidden in them, so no one was wrong; all religions are legitimate. The ultimate truth links them together.

Hope business: Everyone is selling hope and dreams, not reality. Everyone from politicians to priests are in the hope business. Almost no one is in the truth business. As unbelievable as it may be, this is the first book of religious truth that is backed up by hard evidence. It will be very unpopular, because it is the truth.

The main reason for myths is: the truth did not look very good until now.

Looked bad: It looked like you just lived a difficult life and then you grew old and died in some horrible way. That is why people have all these different beliefs. Anything, no matter how far-fetched, was better than what the real truth looked like. People would rather try and believe in the impossible than a truth they did not want to believe. I do not blame them; no one wants to believe life is pointless and horrible. Drowning people will grab a snake, a talking snake.

The most wonderful thing is: the truth has turned out to be heaven.

Time for the truth: Now we can know the truth, and it is not horrible as people thought. In fact, it is better than anyone could have hoped for. It could not be more perfect or better, so it is time to forget the myths and embrace the truth.

If you remove everything that you know is not true, what you are left with has to be the truth. Everyone can do it; everyone can know the truth now.

The truth is not: Today we can know what the truth is not. When you know what the truth is not, you have a chance to know what the truth is.

The real truth: The difference is as great as the difference between a real life and an imaginary life. You are really going to die, so if you are really going to live, you need to know the real truth. Literally, everything depends on the truth.

Truth is what stands the test of experience.
Albert Einstein

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If Jesus really did all the miracles that Christians say, how come at his trial, no one stood up for him? If a lot of people really saw him do miracles, they would have all followed him and not been worried about the Romans.

If he did miracles to prove who he was in his life, why wouldn’t he have done a few to prove who he was to the Jews and the Romans at his trial?

Your choice: If you want to believe in magic and myths, you cannot know the truth. It is one or the other; it is your choice. Jesus said the truth makes you free.

How come no miracles happen now? How come they just happened in the past? Could it be because you cannot check if they really happened or not?

If God did miracles in the past to prove he was real and promote his message, he would be doing them now for the same reason. If God did not expect the people in the past to believe in him and do his bidding without doing miracles or a show of power, why would he expect modern man to?

The main founders of all the semitic religions such as Abraham and Moses did not have to believe in a story that makes no sense, that none of the evidence says is true. They did not need to have faith. Why should we be expected to?

If you believe the story, God did more than talk to Abraham. The Bible says God hunkered down to eat a meal with him. He did lunch with the almighty. Moses had a talking burning bush, and ten commandments written by God himself.

Why doesn’t God show himself to us like he showed himself to them? It worked for them, and it would work for us. Modern people need proof, even more than people in the past did. We now know that people make things up. If there was reason for God to appear in the past, there is just as much now, if not more.

The truth is, an all-knowing God would have to know he would have to give some good evidence of his existence for honest, intelligent people to believe he exists.

To truly believe a myth that makes no sense, you have to be gullible or ignorant, not wise as the Bible says. Wise men do not believe the unbelievable. Do the gullible and ignorant get into heaven, and wise, intelligent men do not?

Oprah show: If the God described in the myths really existed, he would go on the Oprah show and do a few miracles. That is all he would have to do, and everyone in the world would fall right in line.

If he did it in the past, he could do it again for the same reason. Just the appearance of an angel would do. In the past, angels were all over the place. They would appear and do miracles for just about anyone. Where are they now?

Angels have been replaced by UFO’s and little green men; angels are out of fashion. Delusions fit the times.

The reason a man/God does not appear or talk from the sky or do impossible miracles now is because it did not happen in the past.