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Admission to requested majors. Although Texas law offers automatic admission to the University for eligible undergraduate applicants, it does not guarantee admission to an applicant's requested major. All undergraduate applicants are considered on a competitive basis for admission to the majors they request.

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Because the University is a state-supported institution, most of our freshman admission spaces are reserved for Texas residents.

Admitted students must complete the coursework required to remove a deficiency before they enroll at the University. A deficiency in foreign language must be removed by achieving first-year college-level credit in a foreign or classical language, by earning a passing score on the appropriate placement examination given by the University, or by taking computer science/programming coursework, when applicable. A deficiency in mathematics must be removed by earning credit for , or , or an equivalent transfer course. For all other subjects, one semester of college credit is required to remove a deficiency of one year or less of high school credit.

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Foreign language requirement: UT Austin undergraduate students are expected to have completed two years of a single foreign language in high school. Applicants who meet the University's foreign language high school coursework requirement with computer science coursework may be required to earn credit at the beginning level proficiency in a single foreign language to complete their undergraduate degree requirements. See in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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A student who holds a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, including UT Austin, may apply for admission as a nondegree student in one of the undergraduate colleges or schools. Students seeking nondegree admission follow the process for undergraduate transfer applicants and are considered on a competitive basis with transfer applicants for the same semester. Some undergraduate majors are not open to nondegree students; applicants must select from available nondegree majors.

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Section 51.931 of the Texas Education Code provides that a resident of Texas may apply for admission to the University as an undergraduate student without consideration of course credit or grades earned ten or more years prior to the semester the applicant plans to enroll. To be admitted, the applicant must meet the admission standards in effect at the time of application. Students admitted under fresh start receive no credit for coursework taken ten or more years before enrollment, even if a degree was earned.