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(I recognize that there probably is some value in reminding them (and politicians) through their name that their ultimate job is "Defense"... so a more serious recommendation is that perhaps we should rename them to the "Department of Deterrence". Kind of clunky though; other suggestions welcome.)

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If they can't handle the job of Defense, perhaps we should rename them back to the "Department of War" or the "National Military Establishment" and then let them fight for their budget in Congress without the nice branding? Call a spade a spade?

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The great and terrible Orwellian irony of the creation of DHS is that the logical place to rest responsibility for "Defense" is with the "Department of Defense". But they wanted neither the blame nor the risk/responsibility of that mission in the aftermath of 9/11.

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Those three departments were put under a new parent - named Department of Defense - which would represent all three in the Cabinet, rather than having three separate (and antagonistic?)cabinet members