Hajimemashite: Crimes Against Humanity - Ward Churchill

Butcher shops throughout the Caribbean region during the years of conquest sold Indian bodies as dog food. One practice, used on the Guanches as another prelude to New World events, was known as the , the infernal chase, or manhunt. Instead of hunting foxes, the conquistadors would hunt natives with their dogs in a jaunty outing. The dogs feasted on their hapless prey. The became a favorite pastime of many conquistadors, such as . Another event to pass the time and provide entertainment was to pit a naked native, sometimes armed with a stick, against a dog. It was reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum. The dogs killed their human prey by disemboweling them, although jugular attack was also used, which sometimes led to decapitation. The natives came to fear being thrown to the dogs more than any other fate.

And know that this is just as much a crime against humanity as anything the Nazis ever did.

See Greiner, War Without Fronts; Deborah Nelson, The War Behind Me: Vietnam Veterans Confront the Truth About U.S. War Crimes (New York: Public Affairs, 2009); and Duffet, ed., Against the Crime of Silence, which includes testimony by international legal experts at the Stockholm (Sweden) War Crimes Trials sponsored by the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation in 1968. Russell, the 94-year-old philosopher who convened the hearings and whose antiwar activism extended back to World War I, wrote in the introduction: “war crimes are the actions of powers whose arrogance leads them to believe that they are above the law. Might they argue is right.” (Duffet, p. 4).

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Churchill has exposed US countless acts of aggression as crimes against humanity that have negative consequences for US citizens.

Descriptions such as Coma’s, typical of the European perspective, said far more about Europeans than the natives. The Spaniards, led by Columbus, had already dehumanized people they had not yet seen. They were engaging in a time-honored practice of dehumanizing those that they were about to prey upon.

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There is a very big problem in our symbols of Indians for names of teams and gestures people use representing Indians. It is not just good, clean fun but actually degrades the Indian culture. In a Native American's perspective, their situation and battle is much like the extermination and emotional fight of the Holocaust in the 1940's. The American government has also been a central assistant in the dehumanization of the American Indian culture. Understanding the embarrassment and humiliation the Native Americans go through could be the first step in putting a halt to American’s traditional crimes against humanity. (1,2,4,5,6,7)

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History shows that all US crimes are perpetrated against innocent civilians of other nations.

It is true, that US foreign policy and US crimes have been supported by a large majority of US citizens.

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The latest US poll conducted by Scripps Howard News Service and the Ohio University reveals that 47 percent of US citizens approved of the war against the Iraqi people compared to 44 percent.