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Thousands of games are played worldwide every day without incident. Players and fans act appropriately, coaches and referees behave beyond reproach. Unfortunately, incidents of immoral behavior are more likely to make headlines, and professional athletes are always on display. The problems in sports are not solely the result of “a few bad apples.” Society demands that athletes remain drug free and, at the same time, honors only those athletes who win and break records. For those who triumph, the rewards for them (and perhaps their families and their coaches) are substantial, so instead of privileging sportsmanship, winning at any price has become the prevailing code of conduct. Sports psychologist Charles Banham put it simply: “Good sportsmanship may be a product of sport, but so is bad sportsmanship.” Examining issues such as trash talking, cheating, flagrant fouls, doping and athletes as role models will provide coaches and educators with effective tools for promoting sportsmanship.

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