What is the purpose of the body paragraphs of an essay?

Hello Liz,
About the explanation given, so is it fine to balance the idea? I heard that. if in the first we agree/disagree, we need to support our idea in the body paragraphs, stick to our first choice (agree/disagree) then affirm it in the conclusion. So we will only have one side. But sometimes, there 2 statements which both of them are good things. I feel I can explain better if I support both of sides and that is when the my conclusion become neutral.
What do you think about that?

What is the purpose of the body paragraphs in an ..

quotes, statistics, narratives
The evidence is not repeated in the conclusion
Help the reader understand your evidence.
Relates evidence to topic sentence
Convince the reader of your belief,

Bananas and strawberries are the dominant flavors
Most important part of a smoothie, where the nutrients come from

Explain what the quote/statistic means
Your analysis should relate to both your topic and evidence
Try and get your point across in a detailed but efficient manner.
Spinach adds a healthy component, a nice flare
You do not taste it in the end
Laura, Jenna, Monique and Sydnie
PURPOSE (the topic sentence)
Hook the reader and explain the paragraph's topic.

This is the base, holds the smoothie together.
Too thick of a base (yogurt) will result in a smoothie that is hard to drink

Be simple and direct to the point
A statement on what you believe, should be an arguable point (elaborating on your idea comes later in the paragraph)
Can reference the thesis but should not restate

A fruit smoothie is a healthy beverage full of fruits and vegetables.

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hey mam,, please tell me that the below lines are good for a particular types of essay,,
1. DEBATABLE:- both the perspectives will be critiqued in the viability of this essay and an opinion will be formed.
Then i share my opinion in 3 body paragraph.

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Body paragraphs do not exist in isolation. They should fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Transitions show the connections between paragraphs themselves, and the connections between the paragraphs and the overall focus of the essay (the ). They often appear at the end of a paragraph.

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Those three lessons teach you the fundamental ways of writing an IELTS essay. They show you the variety of structures, flexible linking, how to plan and organise your essay and what the examiner is looking for. With those skills, you should be able to answer any essay. The solution essay is either:
solutions only
problems solutions
cause solutions
Just follow the instructions and organise your ideas into logical paragraphs.
For direct questions, you will have one, two or three questions. Just answer them directly. If it asks “is this positive OR negative” it is asking for your opinion and you must choose.
I hope to have more advanced lessons ready later this year or next year.

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Share your paper with a friendly editor, someone who has your interests at heart and who has the time to review your paper carefully and who is willing to ask questions and to challenge what you said and how you said it. This person should be a friend, but not too much of a friend. After all, you're hoping for useful criticism here. Girlfriends, boyfriends, and parents make notoriously bad editors; they think whatever you write is wonderful, not to be improved. This is no time for coddling on their part or defensiveness on yours. This person is not to rewrite your paper for you, but you can hope he or she will catch an occasional glitch in punctuation or lapse in reasoning. The main purpose of this "outside editor," though, is to challenge your argument. Does the paper really make sense, is the argument sound? After all, you know what a sentence or paragraph meant and that means you are less apt to catch a confusing phrase or momentary lapse in the argument than someone else would be. If possible, watch your editor's face for confused looks or glazed eyes as he or she goes through your paper. It might mean that clarification is called for, that you skipped over something in your development, or that you've gone too far. Before he or she goes over your paper, it might be helpful to this outside editor to have a list of the kinds of things that have given you trouble in the past — or the things that your instructor is apt to look for. Share a copy of the with your outside editor or use the more extensive provided below.