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Thisis in accord with the premise laid down by the wise man: "The fear ofYahweh is the chief point of knowledge; Wisdom and discipline, densepeople belittle" (Proverbs 1:7, my translation). The Hebrew word re'shith,translated here "chief point," also bears the meaning "beginning,""principle," "starting-point." The idea of the term is that of "axiom"or "premise." Therefore, the "fear of Yahweh," that mind-set ofacknowledging the Godhood of God and humbly bowing before Him in one'sreasoning and deciding, is the missing premise. Ifone's thinking does not begin with the God ofScripture, it must logically end in chaos anddespair.

Name me any other festival, that provides so many cult names on their bill as this one..

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She starts with “Right From The Start” and the whole puzzle falls into one place at the same time.

But it is in His manhood that the miraculous really breaks out in thelife of Jesus. He is the original "real article" of which allmodern-day charlatans are pallid and impotent counterfeits.Think about it. The miracles Jesus worked were in all settings, indoorsand outdoors, at all hours of the day and night, and in plain view ofthousands. They were done before sympathetic audiences, neutralaudiences, hostile audiences. They involved instant cures of chronicconditions, restoring of sight to the congenitally blind, straighteningwarped and impotent limbs, and even raising the dead. It is worthnoting that Jesus' own enemies never denied His miracles! Instead, theyacknowledged them, but scrambled for dark (and wildly improbable)"explanations" for them and for tactics to counter them (cf. Matthew12:24; John 11:47).

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Suppose that things were going fairly well up to a point, but now they aren’t. Maybe someone important to me leaves, or I’m in danger of losing my job. This makes me even unhappier with myself. So maybe I’ll try to make myself feel better using time-tested methods. I throw myself into a relationship or into my work or a goal that I think will prove to me and everyone else that I am worth something.

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Ofcourse anyone can "explain" anything by chalking absolutely everythingup to chance and contingency. Chance is indeed a bottomless pit intowhich the most stubborn and inconvenient fact, argument, or line ofevidence can be thrown with finality. Beware, however: this one is agrowing pit, it is a hungry chasm. You may feel momentary relief todayat throwing in this intricate mosaic of fulfilled prophecy; buttomorrow, the same pit will inexorably claim every last detail of yourlife, leaving you with nothing but a nightmare pastiche, a jigsawpuzzle whose pieces can never fit together.

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Intuitively,most honest thinkers would know (as illustrated above) that the "odds"of such a mosaic as this as it were laying itself out randomly arestatistically nil. The "odds" are zero. Contingencyaside, however, and laid on the premise of the truth ofJesus' claims, the phenomena fit like a glove. In otherwords, what we see in fulfilled prophecy is exactlywhat one could expect to see if Jesus were Lord, God, and sole Savior.

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Second, how many were beyond Hiscontrol. Onemight try to argue that Jesus arranged for the donkeys (though eventhat had a touch of the supernatural) on which He entered Jerusalem,fulfilling Zechariah 9:9 (cf. Matthew 21:1ff.). But no one could sanelyargue that Jesus (if only a poseur) could pick thepeople, thetribe, and the precise bloodline into which He was born, let alonearrange that His mother be a virgin, and that He be born precisely inBethlehem, moved as an infant to Egypt, and grow up in a despisedvillage such as Nazareth. Yet all of these were in fulfillment ofprophecy or prophetic foreshadowing (cf. respectively Genesis 12:3b;22:18; 26:4; 28:14; 49:8-10; 2 Samuel 7:14; Isaiah 7:14; Micah 5:2;Hosea 11:1; Isaiah 53:2). Nor could a mere man have controlledprecisely the manner of His death (cf. Psalm 22, especially vv. 14-18),burial (Isaiah 53:9), and resurrection and ascension to the Father'sright hand (Isaiah 53:8-12). Yet these, and many other details,occurred in fulfillment of ancient prophecy.