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These are only a few good resources to visit when you’re looking for causal argument essay examples, but they’ll provide you with a good idea of what your teacher or professor is looking for when they read your paper. As you can see from the samples provided at the resources above, your choice of topics can be almost endless. As long as you can create an argument based in facts and causal relationships, you can discuss almost any issue. If you choose a topic that’s interesting to you, it will be much easier to write. For example, you can decide to discuss a recent topic that’s been a source of political controversy.

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Corporal punishment has another advantage. Many teachers are concerned that assigning extra work or requiring community service ought not to be used as punishments. This is because work and community service are seen by teachers as being good in themselves. While a child might not want to perform these activities, and so requiring them would be to inflict a hardship, one would be reinforcing the child's resistance to these practices. Not only would the child continue to dislike working or helping in the community, but he would come to associate these activities with punishment. This is why some teachers, when punishing children, prefer to require activities like detention or writing lines that are not good in themselves and are unpleasant. In this regard, corporal punishment is like these latter activities. It differs from these others in the intensity of its unpleasantness. This consideration reinforces the argument that corporal punishment occupies an important place in the scale of punishments. It becomes a significant substitute for something like community service.

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