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Initially, however, I was thinking of something along the lines of an SAT essay sample. But now I'm wondering, suppose the student disagreed with the course teachings based on his previous schooling, thinking, "Yes, they say that writing has this purpose, but all of my teachers have simply presented it as a formula." Or the student may not be interested in this sort of reflection. Perhaps, expecting students to see that "writing has life" is the same as expecting English majors to see that physics has life. Outside of physics and engineering majors, I doubt that many students see that. And vice versa. In her research on engineers, , professor of English at (citing ) wrote,

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Before writing, students should always organize their ideas on paper – even if they are under a tight time constraint! This step helps ensure that their essay is well-organized and includes the necessary information in a structured format. So what is the best style for brainstorming? Students may have their own preference for jotting down their ideas, but one useful strategy is to create a web diagram.

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There are many books and articles written on this topic, but I find most of them lacking in the fields of reality and practicality. What I’d like to achieve with this group writing project is getting the real-life solutions to Time Management by real people: working parents, busy freelancers, swamped bloggers. Even if you don’t consider yourself as a very organized person, you must have at least one tip to share with others, the most essential time management trick that works for you.

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After reading the prompt and underlining the directive, students should rewrite the prompt in their own words. This step ensures that the student is aware of precisely what the prompt is asking and how to correctly write the essay.

SAT Essay, Part 2: Six Time Management Tips

I can’t wait to see the entries in this one. I suck at time management. I have several ideas still on paper because I am horrible at balancing time. Hopefully someone will be able to cure me.

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For this strategy, students should draw a vertical web diagram with a box on top for the opening and thesis statement, three bubbles beneath it, and a box at the bottom for the conclusion paragraph. They should write their opening sentence inside the upper part of the box for the introduction paragraph and their thesis statement inside the bottom part. They should then create branches stemming out of each bubble with ideas for their body paragraph. Look at the following model as an example for an essay on a prompt that reads: Compare and Contrast Living in the Country verses Living in the City:

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After completing their brainstorm diagram, students should write an estimated time (ET) detailing how long they think it will take them to complete their essay. When they have finished writing and self-checking their work, they should write the actual time (AT) that it took them to complete the process. By practicing this step, students will develop time management skills and gain a realistic sense of how long it might take them to complete their essay during the exam.

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One way to get some practice is to enroll in a course. Or simply sit down several times each week, set a timer, and write an essay. You can find lots of previously-used SAT essay questions online. The College Board, which runs the SAT, .