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*[Selene fell in love with shepherd Endymion, seduced him while he slept in his cave, bore him fifty daughters, and got Zeus to place him in eternal sleep so that he would never grow old. Eos was lascivious but loved Tithonus, a Trojan prince, whom she asked Zeus to make immortal too, but she forgot to add that he wouldn't age -- so eventually she avoids bed, and finally locks him up in his room. His piping voice inside drones on endlessly and later versions of the myth report that he was turned into a cicada, chirping uselessly in the wind.]

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This relates to Hera, the goddess of marriage and women, Zeus’ sister and wife she was consistently jealous of Zeus.

Hornblower states that the priests of the oracle would interpret messages given by the god, in the forms of the flight paths of birds in and around the holy oak trees, divination by drawing lots (cleromancy), by the sounds of a gong and/or the song of nearby birds.
As mentioned above, Zeus was traditionally represented as a fully grown man.

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Zeus was hidden and raised in secret until he was old enough to fulfill his destiny. One day he ambushed Kronos while out hunting. Zeus kicked Kronos in the stomach so hard the aged god vomited up the stone and the five divine, undigested gods and goddesses: , , , and . In gratitude, and bowing to destiny, Zeus was unanimously declared leader of the immortals.

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Zeus made his domain the mountain tops and clouds, where he could survey and vitalize all creation. He married his elder sister, the eternally beautiful Hera. She was jealous and vengeful of her husbands affections and his many love affairs with goddesses and mortals gave her endless worry and caused much divine wrath to be visited on the mortals.

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Zeus mediates between those gods who want the Trojans destroyed and those who do not. He is generally fair. Though he loves Hector he abandons him to his fate - death at Achilles hands—when the action of a scale mandates it. The lesser gods of Olympus tend to divide into rabid factions in the Iliad, but Zeus maintains a certain aloof and judicious quality, a quality of cleaving to the mean, that the Greeks would have very much liked. In the Odyssey he agrees at the beginning of the poem that Odysseus should be allowed to return home and it is he that sends Hermes to Calypso with the news that she must let leave her island and return to Ithaca. This is a just act.

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Regardless of what started the , Zeus had several goals to accomplish before the war could end. With Hera, , Poseidon, and on the side of the , i.e. the Greeks, there was never any doubt that Troy would fall and the would be murdered or enslaved. Otherwise, Zeus would face a rebellion on .